The professional, personal service we received from Gary and his team was a tremendous blessing and comfort during an incredibly difficult experience. He and his team were patient and understanding as we struggled with the heart-wrenching decisions our mold invasion forced us to make. More importantly, they were deeply concerned with the health and well-being of ourselves and our children and did a phenomenal job mitigating the mold and educating us. In addition to all of this, Gary was extremely helpful in navigating the messy web of insurance. Truly a blessing and a wonderful team of dedicated employees!
-Robert T., Groton, CT

During my time as Facilities Coordinator for a medium sized organization in New Haven County, I have found myself in the position of having to deal with mold at several of my buildings.  I was lucky enough to be introduced to Mr. Giordano during my first mold job, and though I was thrilled with the level of attention which was put into the remediation, I was more impressed with the level of knowledge Gary brought to the table.  When dealing with mold for the first time, you can feel rather helpless and out of control at the daunting task of how to properly address it.  Gary was an invaluable resource in helping me through the process, making recommendations and giving valuable insights where my knowledge experienced shortcomings.
Since that time two years ago, I have asked Gary to perform work for me on three other jobs, and through those years have come to know him as a good friend, and a valuable asset for my company.  You will not regret having Giordano Restorations handle your emergency services needs!
-Quintin C., New Haven, CT

 I had a devastating fire in my home, which led to extensive water and mold damage. Gary and his crew were so polite and professional. They took great care in cleaning and packing my possessions in an orderly way. They compiled an easy to follow inventory, cataloging everything and providing a detailed list of all of the contents of my home. When I was able to move back into my house, all of my belongings were returned to their proper places.  Gary always worked in my best interest and it was wonderful to feel like he was an ally to me during this extremely difficult time in my life.  I would recommend Giordano Restoration to anyone who is faced with a disaster in their home.

-Rita V., Amston, CT.